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Women continue to have to fight for equal rights in many countries around the world—and Canada must continue to help them do it.

Our message to Minister Freeland is simple: please keep your promise to invest in developing countries by supporting women’s rights. Don’t cut foreign aid.

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Wanted: For Having an Abortion

In too many places, women’s reproductive rights are under attack. In Central America, young women are even being jailed for having a miscarriage. Women rights are human rights, and Canada needs to take a stand in #Budget2023

Wanted: For Opening a Girls School

Teachers want to teach. Girls want to learn. Sometimes that’s against the law. Canada stands in support of those who risk their lives so girls can have an education. We need to continue standing by them in #Budget2023

Wanted: For Being a Journalist

In a world of fake news and attacks on press freedom, being a journalist can sometimes be a death sentence. Canada needs to continue standing by them in #Budget2023

Wanted: For Attending School

Education is power. That scares some people. Canada believes all children have the right to better their lives through education. We need to continue standing by them in #Budget2023

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Canada’s foreign aid helps women and girls all over the world. We can’t pull back now. Please share our campaign.